Intelligent Library System with RFID

Staff Station Reader


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BD10265_2.gif Equipment on loan - all resources through the library. A radio frequency devices that work with the materials to be borrowed through the device without the need to scan the bar code and a clear signal to prevent theft.

BD10265_2.gif Working with smart RFID circuits frequency 13.56 MHz.

BD10265_2.gif The device can read up to 20 tag per second (Anti-collision).

BD10265_2.gif Equipment on loan - all the resources. I have the highest signal. Was read up to 12 inches from the surface of the device. Also, do not want to borrow the books and materials - return in a particular position, with the convenience and efficiency of librarians in providing loans - all resources.

BD10265_2.gif The serial ports for use with bar code readers. Or any other code.

BD10265_2.gif The kit is made of strong material. Compact set in a drawer or under the table to save space.

BD10265_2.gif The Hardware can be read through the table, wood, glass, laminate, Corian and Stone surface is different. 

BD10265_2.gif Students with no risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the use of radio equipment.

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