Checkpoint Intelligent Library System

BD10265_2.gif Parts of the library system, intelligent design and development by Checkpoint Systems Inc. To meet the needs of a particular library. To management. Resource management and knowledge of library performance.

BD10265_2.gifCheckpoint Systems Inc. A multinational corporation. (multinational company) is headquartered in New Jersey. United States (New Jersey, the USA) with offices in over 30 countries around the world and is represented by more than 70 locations around the world who have been trained on products as well as maintenance and service of Checkpoint. the representative of Thailand.

BD10265_2.gifLibrary system, intelligent all safe to use and relevant. Through international standards such as

  • Electrical Emissions: FCC Part 15, ETSI 300 330 compliant
  • Electrical Immunity: ETSI 300 683 (CE) compliant
  • Safety: UL 1950 compliant 

BD10265_2.gifIn addition, Checkpoint Systems Inc. Also the production and development and to prevent theft by using a magnetic stripe. (Electro-Magnetic) for both retail and library. And a leader in the development of radio frequency technology (RFID) for libraries in particular. The research team, research and development of radio frequency technology, continuously since 1969, throughout history, the development brief are as follows.

  • Year 1969 Checkpoint Systems Inc. Began research and development of library technology, radio frequency (RF).
  • In 1977 production of RF-EAS System for retailers. Today, more than 350,000 users worldwide.
  • 1990s the installation and use of library technology. Electromagnetic System - EM System.
  • By 1994, production of equipment for auto loan book (Patron Self Check-out).
  • The 1997 Rockefeller University in New York as the leading university libraries in the system library, radio technology. Checkpoint's RFID library system and a full. This can help manage and optimize resources in the library staff and services up to 75%.
  • In 1998, the efficiency of the RF signal detection can be improved. And security applications.
  • In 1999, Checkpoint Intelligent Library System is perfect for working with radio frequency technology (RFID Technology), and continues to be ongoing.