Intelligent Library System with RFID

Book Drop Unit

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BD10265_2.gif The device can automatically receive all materials at any time, even 24 hours the library is closed.

BD10265_2.gif System Update (Update) database when slack resources are recovered through the device.

BD10265_2.gif Material through the device automatically return library materials. Can provide the borrower immediately. If a loan officer for books and materials can be stored on shelves immediately.

BD10265_2.gif Do not Re-activate. Or alarm again after the return of the material through the device. Save time and prevent errors that may occur when the signal and remove it.

BD10265_2.gif Anti-collision. Capable of restoring the material at a time more than one piece without error by the list of materials received, time, and that recovery of the service to get an automatic spot any of the boxes at night, as many although the matter is outside the library building.

BD10265_2.gif Hardware has been returned. Designed to prevent damage to the book. When the book was dropped overnight.

BD10265_2.gif Hardware has been returned. Is designed to prevent the user to pull the book out of the box night after night, the device will read the material to be recovered successfully.

BD10265_2.gif Can be designed to suit the size of the library and to use the most effective.

BD10265_2.gif Hardware has been returned. Install alarms on the return to the full.